Don’t underestimate the power of music! Not only does it help us through a tough spin class,  most would say .... Music Is MANDATORY! 


Music can heal! It can change your mood and enhance your mental and physical wellbeing. Out of all our sensory expressions, sound has the unique ability to penetrate our bodies - You know when someone says that a piece of music, “touched them” or “moved them” that is actually very literal. When we listen to music, the sound enters our ear canal and it moves our eardrums. This means music can physically touch us in an intimate way. Many would think that vision would be superior to hearing as we are a visual society but the opposite is true.  Our early connection to sound is another reason for its power over us. We develop the ability to hear way before we can see while in the womb.

So, keep in mind, if you’re feeling low, anxious or lack motivation, come hang with us at ReCYCLE ROOM and let the music fortify you !


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